Every commercial adventure requires partnerships and sponsors.  

Despite the positive reactions and the unanimous approval ratings of the Todiébook’s originality, any new product can provoke resistance, including those with steadfast devotion to the Codex, a medium of the past.

After the invention of the scroll and the technological development of the Codex, the quantico-relativist Todiébook is set to be recognized as the third book medium in the history of humanity.  

It is through exhibitions, debates, conferences and publishing that the Todiébook will take its place in the publishing world.

We would be happy to study all presentation and promotional projects for the Todiébook.

Provide us with your contact information to remain informed of future projects.

Co-publishing can be a solution for those publishers who only wish to develop part of the Todiébook, either editorially speaking or for technical reasons.

We are open to finding any publishing solutions to fit your needs.

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